Our team

We have two principal advisers and an additional adviser as well as administrative staff to support over 400 clients.   Chris, Sebastian and Jenny have many years of financial planning experience, providing advice in areas such as retirement planning, defined benefit schemes and Centrelink and are here to meet your financial planning needs.

Looking forward – 2021

We would like to extend a big thank you to our clients for adapting to new ways of using technology and staying connected in 2020.   We have enjoyed seeing you over FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and other mediums where possible in addition to phone calls.

We look forward to building on our strong foundations and continuing to provide excellent service and advice to all our valued clients this year and in the years to come.

Market Update – Feb 2021

Both local and global stocks rose this week buoyed by positive vaccine news, declining virus cases, and potential US fiscal stimulus.

Equity markets have seen increased volatility over the last couple of weeks following the battle between US retail investors (punters) and US hedge funds which played out quite publicly. Trading platforms blocked buying on some stocks, prompting debate as to who they were protecting. Fair to say that both sides have attracted regulators’ attention. Hedge funds largely short (borrow and sell stock to drive share prices down) companies who are in trouble whilst the retail investors in this instance were piling into those same stocks (sometimes using leverage) with social media and web forums used to encourage speculation.

The Aussie dollar fell this week following the Reserve Bank of Australia’s announcement of more quantitative easing and with the US dollar strengthening.

Services We Provide

Finance Management

We all want to have a comfortable retirement but how do you know when you are able to afford it? We will work with you to identify how much you need to retire and how to get there.

Superannuation Advice

Superannuation can be quite complex, as the rules constantly change. We can help you understand how super works, and we can help you maximise the value of your superannuation funds by putting in place strategies that aim to achieve this.

Wealth Creation

You may be looking to save money for a home deposit, or to save up funds for your retirement. You may wish to consolidate your superannuation funds to avoid paying multiple sets of fees, or simply to know whether you are on track with your investments.  

“I want peace of mind to know my money is being looked after, so I can get on with life”

Do you spend more time planning a holiday than you do planning for your retirement?

Planning a holiday can be more fun than planning for your long-term future! And you should enjoy spending your money. But it’s also important to invest wisely, both for your long-term security and as a blessing to others. With life so busy, stressful and ‘noisy’, we can help you cut through the fear, complexity and confusion. At Longevity Retirement Planning, we partner with you ‘for the long haul’ to navigate life’s uncertainties with practical help and guidance.

What can we do to help you reach your full potential?

Our advice services cover key areas like testing retirement affordability, superannuation, income streams, Centrelink, taxation, redundancies and estate planning. We are not tied to any product or institution, and hence can objectively choose investments from a vast array to best meet your unique needs. We are always looking to enhance your returns whilst reducing risk and expenses.

“We want to help our kids get into the property market”